Academic Integrity

“With its status as a world-class research institution, it is critical that the University uphold the highest standards of integrity both inside and outside the classroom. As a student and member of the UCLA community, you are expected to demonstrate integrity in all of your academic endeavors. Accordingly, when accusations of academic dishonesty occur, The Office of the Dean of Students is charged with investigating and adjudicating suspected violations. Academic dishonesty, includes, but is not limited to, cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, multiple submissions or facilitating academic misconduct.” Source: The Office of the Dean of Students

Students are expected to be aware of the University policy on academic integrity in the UCLA Student Conduct Code
Please note sections on (1) cheating (2) plagiarism (3) unauthorized study aids

Violation of course policy involving plagiarism, cheating or possession of course materials during examination will be referred to the Dean of Students who will be encouraged to take strong action. Do not cheat! The penalties can be very harsh. Do not believe it if you hear that “everyone does it.” You generally do not hear about the punishments because they are kept confidential. If you are found responsible by the Dean of Students for violating course policy, cheating on any course materials, helping someone else or being helped, a zero will be assigned for the entire assignment, and no exceptions will be made! Past examples of penalties also include loss of an entire term of credit and suspension for several terms. If you plan to apply to graduate or professional school, such a negative mark on your record may be a major obstacle to admission.