LA Program Detail for Mathematics Course LS30

Students who have completed the LS30A/B (Mathematics for Life Scientists) courses and are interested in learning teaching skills may apply for participation in the Undergraduate Learning Assistant Program. In this program, undergraduate students have the opportunity to assist their peers with learning the LS30A/B content in computer labs, office hours, online discussion forums, and/or lectures. We especially encourage applications from students who didn’t grasp the math or programming material immediately, but had to struggle to get it because it’s easier for them to understand what other students who are having trouble are going through, both intellectually and emotionally.


LAs learn evidence-based teaching techniques, such as question strategies and fostering diversity, in a weekly pedagogy seminar to help other students learn more effectively. LAs increase their course content knowledge along with their communication and teaching abilities. This program is based on the nationally successful and evidence-based Learning Assistant program from University of Colorado, Boulder.

First time LAs:  Application

Students who have not yet completed the LA Pedagogy Seminar course are required to complete it  (LS192A – 1 hr seminar plus 2 hrs reading and preparation weekly) in order to serve as an LA. However, if you are interested in being an LA and are not available Tuesday 4-5 pm, please still apply and note that. Students will receive 1-4 credits (LS192B/C/D) in addition to the pedagogy course for acting as LAs depending on the number of hours they commit (1 credit = about 3 hours). Any students who want to receive all 4 credits and/or who would like to be a Head LA in the future need to attend the pedagogy seminar.

Repeat LAs:   Application

For more information and to apply (due July 31 for Fall 2017), see the Learning Assistant program website. Students who have served as past UAs/LAs should use the Returning LA application. If you have any questions not answered there, contact Jane Shevtsov (