Life Sciences Peer Learning Facilitator (PLF) Application

PLF Responsibilities:

  1. You MUST be available for one hour every week (time yet to be determined) for a weekly meeting. Please remember that these meetings are mandatory.
  2. You must be available for 4 hours (not necessarily continuous hours) to lead peer learning discussion from weeks 2 and 10.
  3. You must read the course textbook (provided to you) and the PowerPoint slides from the current professors each week.
  4. You must prepare a weekly lesson plan.
  5. You are expected to meet with the course instructor for course web access, as well as being up-to-date with the class announcement and course progress each week.
  6. Exam reviews sessions are optional. If the PLFs choose to lead the discussions, they will be paid for the extra hours.
  7. You are expected to receive positive feedback mid-quarter and end-of-quarter evaluations from the students to show that you did a satisfactory job.
  8. You will be able to work for 9 hours max per week.


Application Deadlines:

PLF applicant Due Date: 11/21/17 11:59PM (Week 8 Tuesday)
PLF acceptances will go out around Week 9.

Currently we have open positions only for LS7A. You have to have LAed for LS7A to be considered for the position!!!

The PLF application is administered through the returning LA application. Please select “LS7A PLF (paid)” as your first choice on page two.

Application Form Please Apply Only For LS7A