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Research Training in Genes, Genetics and Genomics

The UCLA Undergraduate Research Consortium in Functional Genomics (URCFG) is sponsored by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professors program that seeks to engage leading scientists to transmit the excitement and values of scientific research to undergraduate education. This is a great opportunity for motivated undergraduates to participate in this HHMI-funded research program in a class setting. After completing LS 10H (not restricted to students in Honors Collegium), the first class in the Consortium, a selected number of students can move on to the upper-division series of LS 100H A/B/C.

We have recently published a research article with 134 student authors in the February 2005 issue of PLOS Biology. http://www.plosbiology.org

Chen, J., Call, G.B., URCFG, Banerjee, U.B. (2005) Discovery-Based Science Education: Functional Genomic Dissection in Drosophila by Undergraduate Researchers. PloS Biology. 3(2):e59

Click here to read the paper.