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Week 2
Add a course via MyUCLA (establish a study list)


Drop an impacted course

Week 3

Add a course via MyUCLA (with established study list)

Week 4
Drop a nonimpacted course via MyUCLA without a transcript notation  

Week 6
Change grading basis (also known as “credit detail” ) 

Week 7

Drop a nonimpacted course via MyUCLA with a transcript notation

Week 10

Drop a nonimpacted course with a Restricted Drop Petition

Broaden life science horizons for a new generation of students from diverse backgrounds.

The Life Sciences Core Education is the result of a cooperative effort by faculty, staff, and students from all six life science departments to provide a uniform and integrated set of courses during the first years as an undergraduate. The Core is a series of four courses in the life sciences (Life Sciences 7A, 7B, 7C and 23L), plus chemistry, mathematics and physics courses, which will make up approximately the first two years of course work in any of the life science majors. These four courses provide a broad picture of exciting current ideas in very different areas. Combined with the other courses of the Core Education, they form an extremely strong background that will prepare you for any of the life science majors. In addition to these four courses required for all life science students, we teach one general education course (Life Sciences 15) for students in majors outside the life sciences, to disseminate to the wider student population the most current ideas and issues in the life sciences today.

One of the innovative features of the Core Education is the courses will be taught by faculty and teaching assistants from all the different life science departments. You will have an opportunity to explore your interest in the various life science majors, while at the same time study an integrated set of biological principles. All life science students will take the same courses, so that when you finish the Core Education you are well prepared to enter any of the life science majors.

Although you need not choose a final major while you are completing the Core Education, it is best that you find your area of interest and select a preliminary major soon, so that you may obtain the most detailed and personal counseling possible as you plan your academic career.

Life Science Core Logo

Life Science Transfer Student Workshop

Hello New Bruin,

We are so excited to have you here as Bruins!

We would like to inform you about an opportunity to attend a three-day workshop for transfer students in Life Science majors. This program is offered through the Life Sciences Core Office in conjunction with an HHMI initiative on Inclusive Excellence run by Dr. Tracy Johnson. The workshop includes many things and is designed to help students with study skills, become more acquainted with the campus, network with other transfer students, and give you a better idea of what science courses are like here at UCLA. The workshop ends at noon each day, so there will be time to attend other orientations for other programs on campus, and time to attend the Activities Fair held before classes start on September 28th.

In order to receive a Zoom invite for the workshop, we are hoping you are able to meet the following time commitments. The boot camp will be held on three consecutive days: September 25th from 9AM-12PM PST (online), September 26th from 9AM-12PM PST (online), and September 27th from 9AM-12PM PST (in person, with lunch included at the end). It may go a bit longer if anyone has any lingering questions or wants to chat about other things at the end of each day. It is preferable for you to attend all three days. But of course, we understand if you have some time constraints and we will try to work with you so that you can get as much as possible out of the workshop. In addition, you will be asked to see your major counselor once during the Fall quarter, and once during the Winter quarter. During the workshop we will work on study schedules, talk about how to find research opportunities, identify campus services, have guest speakers to discuss life as a transfer student (among other things), and the opportunity to meet up in person on Wednesday to explore campus, meet other students, and have lunch.

If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please complete this Google Form before Friday, September 22nd at 5PM PST:

In completing the form, you will be asked to answer the following questions with a few other additional items:

What is your name, preferred name, and preferred pronouns?
What is your email address?
What is your declared major?
Where did you transfer from?
Will you be taking any Life Science courses in the Fall?
If so, which Life Science course(s)?
List three things you are really excited about for the Fall.
Lastly, you will be asked to rate a few statements on a scale ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree.

You will be contacted late Friday, September 22nd with the Zoom link for the meeting.

If you are unable to make the workshop, we are sorry. However, you may be interested in an upper division Life Sciences course that is offered on career exploration specifically for transfer students. Here is an informational video to help you learn more about this course: LS110 Career Exploration

Life Science Transfer Student Workshop