Q: Where to obtain PTE# for LS 495 and who is the main point of contact that will issue the PTE#?


First-time LIFESCI TAs will receive a PTE to enroll in LIFESCI 495 by Bernadette Sandoval (bsandoval@lifesci.ucla.edu) soon after signing the hiring paperwork.


Students holding concurrent TA appointments may request a PTE to enroll in LIFESCI 495 by connecting directly with the hiring staff member from one of our partners noted below:


PHYSCI – Physiological Science (Integrative Biology and Physiology)

MCIP – Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Physiology

MOL BIO – Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology

EE BIOL – Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

C&S BIO – Computational and Systems Biology

BMD RES – Biomedical Research

SOC GEN – Society and Genetics

MIMG – Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics

NEUROSCI – Neuroscience

A&O SCI – Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences


If you are hired by a department not listed above, you may fill out our Email Inquiry form. In the “Reason you are unable to enroll” section be sure to provide details of your TA appointment, including department, course number, hiring staff member’s name and email address.


Students without a concurrent TA appointment may request a PTE directly from the Instructor of the course for consideration.