Undergraduate Learning Assistant Program

Students who have completed LS Core courses, and are interested in learning teaching skills, may apply for participation in the Undergraduate Learning Assistant Program in the Life Sciences: A Teaching Practicum in a clinic setting. This course carries 1-4 units and provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to assist their peers in learning in an instructional setting. LAs assist graduate Teaching Assistants on the teaching of LS Core courses.

We currently offer the LA program for the following courses:       LS7A     LS7B     LS7C     LS23L     LS30A     LS107

The application for all LS Core Courses can be found online:        Application

Please note that all new LAs must be able to attend the Pedagogy Seminar on Tuesdays 3:30-4:45pm.

Graduate Student Teaching Assistant

The LS Core will recruit several graduate students each quarter to TA for the following courses:

  • LIFESCI 7A – Cell and Molecular Biology
  • LIFESCI 7B – Genetics, Evolution, and Ecology
  • LIFESCI 7C – Physiology and Human Biology
  • LIFESCI 15 – Life: Concepts and Issues
  • LIFESCI 23L – Introduction to Laboratory and Scientific Methodology
  • LIFESCI 30A – Mathematics for Life Scientists
  • LIFESCI 30B – Mathematics for Life Scientists
  • LIFESCI 107 – Genetics  

We hire for our TAships on a quarterly basis, and we post advertisements on the TA marketplace with instructions on how to apply. Please use the link below to subscribe to the TA marketplace so that you are able to get email notifications when ads are posted.  


For questions, please contact Bernadette Sandoval via email bsandoval@lifesci.ucla.edu

Student Research Opportunities

There are many opportunities for students to participate in undergraduate research at UCLA, from the Student Research Program (SRP), to independent research projects undertaken through departmental Independent Studies courses, to research with faculty through the Center for Academic and Research Excellence (CARE). These experiences can be some of the most enriching that students have at UCLA. For more information, the contact information is:

Student Research Program (SRP)

2121 Life Sciences Building (310)794-4227

Center for Academic and Research Excellence (CARE)

2121 Life Sciences Building (310) 206-2182

Independent Studies

Undergraduates may enroll in a maximum of eight units of 195-199 courses per term. PLEASE NOTE: After completing 32 units of 195-199 credit on a letter grade basis, students must take any additional 195-199 courses on a Pass/No Pass basis.

Most Independent field study courses (195) must be taken on a Pass/No Pass basis. Students should check with their major department for any restrictions and limitations on 195 courses.

See departmental listings and individual course descriptions for specific requisites and credit limitations.