Lab Staff

Dr. Gaston Pfluegl

Gaston Pfluegl

Lab Director

LS 23L

2875 Slichter Hall

(310) 794-4113

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Rachel Sauvageot

Lab Administrator

Young 2360

(310) 794-4170

Brittany Ottoson

Brittany Ottoson

Staff Research Associate

Young 2340

(310) 825-8860

Brittany Ottoson graduated from UC Irvine with a Bachelor of Science degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. As a lab administrator for the LS Core, she assists Dr. Pfluegl in running the LS 23L lab course. This includes preparing the wet lab materials for students (such as growing bacterial cultures, performing PCR, and making agarose gels), assisting with TA training, and assisting students with questions about LS 23L. In addition, Brittany helps care for the LS 7B animals, which is one of her favorite parts of her job. In her free time, Brittany is an avid reader and crocheter.

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Brooklynn Johnson

Laboratory Assistant                                                    

Young Hall 2344                                                                                   

(310) 825-8860