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Disclaimer: If your inquiry is addressed by the information noted below, a response will not be generated. Be sure to read this thoroughly before submitting a form or email message.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – FALL QUARTER – As noted on the Schedule of Classes, New Student Programs will lock courses for New Student Orientation sessions beginning July 5, 2024. Any student may enroll beginning September 17, 2024, space permitting. During this time, we urge to avoid making any adjustments to your fall study list, such as dropping/adding or switching sections, as the enrollment system is locked and if an error occurs you must wait until September 17 to make any corrections, space permitting.

SUMMER SESSION ENROLLMENT – Students already enrolled in a course requisite in Session A and are unable to enroll in the subsequent course in Session C may be manually enrolled by our staff if there are enough study list units available. For example, if a student enrolls in LIFESCI 30A in Session A but the system doesn’t allow you to enroll in LIFESCI 30B in Session C, we will provide enrollment assistance with the Session C course. You may fill out the Enrollment Inquiry form below. To help facilitate this type of enrollment request, be sure to have sufficient units available on your summer study list, additional information can be found on CAAC’s Excess Units for the Quarter




CAMPUS-WIDE COURSES – Seats are held for entering students who enroll through New Student Orientation sessions beginning July 5, 2024. Any student may enroll beginning September 17, 2024, space permitting.

LIFESCI 107 – Enrollment is restricted to HBS (BS), MCDB, and MIMG majors and pre-majors during priority/first pass. At the beginning of second pass, that enrollment restriction will be removed and students who have met the course requisites may enroll on a space available basis.

LIFESCI COURSE REQUISITES – Course requisites are strictly enforced for all LIFESCI courses. Many questions regarding course enrollment eligibility may be addressed by reviewing the Class Notes for specific courses on the Schedule of Classes. The Class Notes can either be found by clicking the yellow triangle with an exclamation mark or on the Class ID.

COURSE GRADES/ACCOMMODATIONS – All questions related to course grades/accommodations are managed by the Instructor of the course. LIFESCI Course Instructors can be found on the UCLA Directory or on our website.

COURSE ARTICULATIONS – Requests may be submitted here

Enrollment Inquiry