Life Sciences Departmental Counselors

Computational and Systems Biology

Counselor: Annelise Werhel
102 Hershey Hall
(310) 825-5152

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Counselors: Jessica Angus and Wendy Ramos
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101 Hershey Hall
(310) 825-1680

Institute for Society and Genetics

Counselor: Frenz Cabison
3360C Life Sciences Building

Integrative Biology and Physiology (formerly Physiological Science)

Counselor: Inna Gergel
125 Hershey Hall
(310) 825-3892

Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics

Counselors: Joy Ahn
1602B Molecular Science Building
(310) 825-8482

Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology

Counselor: Connie Firestone and Maggie Schmall
128 Hershey Hall
(310) 825-7109

Neuroscience (Interdepartmental Program)

Counselor: Aftin Nicole Whitten
1339 Gonda Building

Counselor: Jaclyn Robbin
1321 Gonda Building

Psychology (Psychobiology Major)

Counselor: Psychology Dept. Counselors
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1530 Pritzker Hall
(310) 825-2730

Biomedical Research Minor

Counselor: Enika Tumanov
220 Hershey Hall
(310) 825-0237

Related Departments / Programs


Counselor: Myrna Dee Castillo Kikuchi
341 Haines Hall
(310) 825-6962


Counselor: Denise Mantonya, Timothy Mahlanza, and Sarah Eguchi
4006 Young Hall
(310) 825-4660

Earth and Space Sciences

Counselor: Lauri Holbrook
3683 Geology
(310) 825-3917

Institute of the Environment

Counselor: Royce Dieckmann
300 La Kretz
(310) 206-9193


Counselor: Connie Jung
6356B Math Sciences
(310) 206-1286


Counselor: Francoise Queval
1-707A PAB
(310) 825-2453