LS 7ABC & LS 107 FAQs

Important Information

If you need to repeat LS 1, 2, 3, and/or 4, please read the following information below:

Questions regarding how repeat grades factor into GPA should be referred to your College Academic Counseling unit (i.e., AAP, College Academic Counseling, Athletics, Honors, etc.).

To receive credit for repeating a course in the LS 1-4 series, you must enroll in the course that is the equivalent substitution to the course that you are requesting. Please see the list below:

  • LS 1 – equivalent to LS 7B
  • LS 2 – equivalent to 7A and LS 7C
    • Must complete both courses for approval as a repeat of LS 2.
    • Must complete LS 7A before LS 7C.
    • Please note that the course that will replace the grade received in LS 2 will be the grade earned in LS 7C.
  • LS 3 – equivalent to LS 7A
  • LS 4 – equivalent to LS 107
  • Recommendations
    • If you have only taken LS 1, you should take LS 7A and 7C, plus LS 107. You can also take 7A/B/C to satisfy prep.
    • If you have only taken LS 2 but need to repeat it, you should take LS 7A/B/C.
    • If you have taken LS 1 and need to repeat LS 2, please note that you can also take 7A/B/C as there is no restriction.
  • Reminders
    • If you have started the LS 1-4 series and need to take LS 107 to complete the series with the equivalent of LS 4, please note that LS 107 cannot also be used to satisfy a major requirement.
    • You are advised to take LS 23L with LS 7C.

Once you have completed the course and the grade is posted, you can fill out the college blue petition.  Note: the petition may be obtained online, from your College advising unit, or at any ASK Peer Counseling location. Once the blue petition is completed, please stop by the LS Core office in Hershey Hall 222 during office hours (M-F, 9am-12pm and 1-4pm) to submit a hard copy of your petition. If the petition is approved and signed by the LS Core Office, you can proceed with submitting the fully completed form to the College.

For more information regarding the blue petition form, please refer to the following link below:

LS 7ABC & 107 FAQs 

  1. Is the LS 7 series a sequence?


  1. Do I have to take and pass a course in the 7 series in order to move on to the following course in the series?

The numbering of these courses indicates that they are not considered three separate courses but rather a single integrated course that should be taken consecutively. If a student does not pass 7A with a D- or above, the student must retake and pass 7A in order to move on to 7B. Please consult with your Major Department to determine which grade will fulfill your major requirements.

  1. Will all 3 classes of the 7 series be offered every quarter?

Yes, and also during Summer Sessions.

  1. Does the 7 series courses directly correspond to LS 1/2/3/4 or has the content changed?

While there is not an exact correspondence between the two series, much of the material is covered as follows:

LS 1 – LS 7B

LS 2 – LS 7A and 7C

LS 3 – LS 7A

LS 4 – LS 107

  1. Is it ok to take the 7 series with other science classes within the same quarter or would the workload be extremely heavy?

It is recommended that students exercise the same discretion they currently do when picking courses.

  1. What is LS 107? Is it required for my major?

LS 107 reviews the Mendelian genetics material covered in LS 7B and then continues with more advanced topics. Each department determines if they will require LS 107. Please consult with your Major Department.

  1. Are there restrictions on LS 107?

If LS 107 is used to complete the LS 1-4 series, it cannot also be used to satisfy a major requirement.

  1. Since LS 107 is an upper division course, would it count towards my major’s upper division course requirements even if I am not a science major (e.g., anthropology major but pre-med)?

Check with your specific department to see if the course is acceptable for your major. If it is not, it can still count toward your upper division units required for graduation.

  1. Is LS 107 required for adequate preparation for the biology sections on the MCAT?

The genetics covered in LS 7B and LS 7C are sufficient for preparation for the MCAT. LS 107 would not be necessary.

  1. Is the 7 series enough biology to cover the requirements for medical school or do I need to take LS 107 as well?

Medical schools require one year of biology with equivalent lab. The 7 series will be sufficient in completing this requirement in addition to covering the topics medical schools recommend. Although, for better preparation for medical school, students should consider taking LS 107.

  1. When is it recommended to take the LS 23L lab course?

It is recommended that students take LS 23L simultaneously with LS7C. Students must complete LS23L in addition to the 7 series.