Enrolling in Courses

Normally students can enroll in all courses over URSA. However, many students are blocked by URSA from enrolling in some courses that have prerequisites. This is because URSA is not able to interpret course equivalencies from other schools, or whether you may have received AP credit for some prerequisites. URSA reads from the UCLA transcript, not from the DPR. If you took the equivalent of LS 2 elsewhere, and you try to enroll in a course for which LS 2 is a prerequisite, URSA can only look to see whether you specifically took LS 2 at UCLA. It can’t tell whether you’ve been given credit on your DPR, no matter what. Whenever this situation arises, contact the department of the course in which you want to enroll directly (for LS 3, for example, this would be the Life Sciences Core office), and they will check your DPR to see whether the list in question is on your list of transferred courses (regardless of whether you’ve been given credit for the major) and enroll you.

Enrollment Request Form

We respond to all inquiries within 24 hours throughout the week. If your message is sent after 1PM on Friday, we will respond by the following Monday.