Frequently Asked Questions

For Undergraduate Students


General Inquiries

Q: Where is your office located?

We are in the Life Sciences Building Room 2317.

Q: What are your office hours?

We are open Monday through Thursday in person, and Friday (Remote all day) 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:00pm, unless otherwise noted on our door.


Q: Which majors use the LS Core Curriculum?

There are eight majors that require our LS courses for the major requirements. They are Biology; Marine Biology; Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution; MIMG; MCDB; Neuroscience; Physiological Science; and Psychobiology. You can read more information about these eight majors here

Q: Can I switch my major?

You’ll have to see a departmental counselor in the department that you would like to switch into.

Q: Where are the departmental counselors located?

The contact information for the departmental counselors can be found on this page


Q: How can I get my final exam from a previous quarter?

You are not able to pick-up and keep a final exam. However, exams are retained for student viewing in the Core office for one quarter. Please see our Final Exam Viewing Policy here

Q: How can I concurrently enroll through UCLA extension?

Please see our Concurrent Enrollment through Extension Policy here

Q: I am enrolled in a section that conflicts with my schedule. How do I permanently switch sections?

Please see our Permanently Switching Sections Policy here


Q: How do I become a LA (Learning Assistant)?

Please see information on the LA Program here

Q: Where can I get information to begin participating in research?

The Undergraduate Research Center/Center for Academic and Research Excellence (URC/CARE) office is located in 2121 Life Sciences. They offer research programs such as the Student Research Program (SRP). Please visit their website at


Q: Where is the contact information for the instructors that teach the LS courses?

We have a small list of faculty who have taught LS courses here. You can also look up faculty on the UCLA Directory at

Q: How do I know if a class I took at another college is equivalent to the LS courses?

Before you submit a new course articulation request for equivalency of a Life Sciences course from another college, stop by the Core office to review the Course Equivalency Listing of articulations currently approved. Please see more information on how to submit a new articulation request here

Q: How do I get a scantron printout of a midterm?

You can obtain from your TA.

Q: Is there a computer lab where I can print lecture notes?

As long as you’re enrolled and have fully paid for a Life Science (or Phy Sci) course for the quarter, you can use the Life Sciences Instructional Computing Lab in HH 150. However, printing is not free. Please see more information on the LS Computing Lab here

UCLA Terminology

Q: What is my study list?

Your study list refers to the courses in which you are enrolled for the term. You are advised to check your study list during the second week of each quarter to confirm your enrollment (checking during second week will give you time to add or drop a course by the appropriate deadline: end of 2nd week to drop an impacted course; end of 3rd week to add a course; end of 4th week to drop a non-impacted course).

Q: What is my College counseling unit?

The LS Core office handles all the issues that have to do with the LS courses. Your departmental counselor handles all the issues that have to do with your major. Your College counseling unit, or advising unit, handles all the issues that have to do with the rest of your degree, such as your foreign language requirement, whether you can drop a course, your maximum unit level, GEs, etc. Most students go to College Academic Counseling in A-316 Murphy Hall; you may also be in AAP (1239 Campbell Hall), Honors (A-311 Murphy Hall), or Athletics (in the Morgan Center).

Q: What does it mean if I’m in good academic standing?

You are in good academic standing if at the close of a regular term you have attained at least a C (2.0) average for the term and a cumulative C average in all University work.

Q: What does it mean if I’m on academic probation or subject to dismissal?

You’re placed on Academic Probation if your quarterly or overall GPA falls below 2.0. To get off probation and avoid becoming Subject to Dismissal (STD), you must maintain your GPA at 2.0 or above for two consecutive quarters. If you have been notified that you are on academic probation or subject to dismissal, visit your College counseling unit immediately (College Academic Counseling, Honors, AAP, or Athletics).


Q: When is my enrollment appointment for next quarter?

Checking the time of your enrollment appointment is one of your options on

Q: Why can’t I enroll in more than 10 units on my first pass?

Every student at UCLA has two enrollment passes. During your first pass (or priority pass/first pass combined for those who have priority enrollment), you may enroll in up to 10 units. Once second pass begins, you can enroll in up to 19 units.

Q: What does a hold on my record mean? What should I do if I have one?

A hold on your records mean you cannot access certain services at UCLA. This can affect registration, enrollment, financial aid, campus services, and/or release of academic transcripts for the following three reasons:

      • Failure to comply with admission provisions
      • Failure to settle financial obligations with the University
      • Failure to respond to official notices

Each student who becomes subject to a hold action is given advance notice and ample time to respond. In most cases, the hold must be released by the initiating office (that is, the office that is having a problem) before a student may enroll in classes or receive various campus services. You may obtain information on holds through Please note: even if it is during your pass, you will not be able to enroll if a hold has been placed on your records.

Q: How do I enroll in more than 19 units in a quarter?

If you have a 3.0 GPA (either overall or from the previous quarter), a counselor in your advising unit (College Counseling, Honors, AAP, or Athletics) can increase your maximum number of units for you while you wait. If your GPA is less than 3.0, you must fill out a petition for extra units and submit it to your advising unit. These petitions generally take 3 to 4 days to process.

For Graduate Students

Q: How do I become a TA for LS courses?

You may apply by emailing Bernadette Sandoval at